Unicorns! Everyone loves unicorns so why not become one? With my 3D horns you can do just that!

My Unicorn Party Package is perfect for any birthday party, keeping the little ones entertained and all adults stress-free.




My little elf has been busy and created a new 3D and sparkly horn and ears design that's made out of special clay, making each individual feel even more magical .

Each horn is handmade and so each individual unicorn transformation is unique. If looked after well, the child's unicorn horn can be taken home to use over and over again. 

The Unicorn Party Package covers up to 10 magical unicorn horns along with eco-friendly glitter within a 2-hour session for just £99. Or for more unicorns, it is £6 per individual after that (all children must be 3+). 

I happily travel up to 1 hour from Hartland, Devon and wear PPE at all times.

If you think I could help entertain your little unicorns please feel free to contact me here.