Amy's Face Painting Wagon!

Catering for private and commercial events

Now taking bookings for 2022 - 2023 Amy's Face Painting Wagon!

Brand new for Summer 2022 my Face Painting Wagon can pull up at any location and provide your guests with the perfect little entertainment package.

  • Simply 'rock up and go!'

  • No larger than a Ford Fiesta ( 3.3m long, 1.75m wide and 2.30m high)

  • Outdoors and very airy so ideal for these strange times, making us all feel more comfortable.

There are lots of goodies to choose from in the Face Painting Wagon!

Come inside and you can choose from The Glitter Bar or the Tattoo Station and returning this summer: Airbrush Face/body Painting.​ ​​​


The Glitter Bar

A Popular Choice For The Adults too!

Come to my Glitter Bar for some sparkle and bling.

Festival Glitter is a fun way of adding sparkle and colour to anyone's day.

This is a very popular choice for all, especially teens and adults who wish to get involved.

Add glitter to your hair and face for the full festival treatment.

To remove wipe with a damp tissue or for the hair, simply brush it out. 


The Tattoo Station

Can Last Up To A Week!

I am very excited to announce I have a brand new service, Airbrush Tattoos! 

Airbrush Tattoos are temporary tattoos that can last anything from a day up to a couple of weeks depending on the skin type and how well it has been looked after. It can be removed by an alcoholic wipe but if washed gently can be enjoyed for quite a while. 

With no one else on google maps in this area offering my airbrush tattoo packages, you can be rest assured your event will be one to be remembered!

Applied with a special airbrush and reuseable stencil (nonsticky), all the recipient will feel is air and a little coldness when being applied. So completely painless but so real looking when completed.

Please note a plug socket would be greatly appreciated but for an off-grid location, I do have limited battery life on board.


Airbrush Face Painting

Is Back!

Of course, Amy's Face Painting is well-known for its bold, colourful full-face designs over the past 10 years.

But sadly due to recent restrictions, I had to temporarily close my face painting design booklet but now it is back even better than before, Airbrushing! 

Airbrush Face and Body Painting is amazing in recent times as it requires no physical contact with brushes or sponges. So very hygienic and the effects that are created will make your face/body painting stand out from all the rest. So perfect remembrance for weddings, parties, and commercial events.

All paints used is EU approved, and fully complies with regulation EC1223/2009 even the neons.

Best of all it's water-resistant so having a pool party, going to the beach, very hot day, or if an adult, going to an energetic festival, no worries! Your Face Painting won't rub off. To remove is very easily done with liquid soap and then water. I personally use baby liquid bath soap and rub gently with a regular sponge and it works very well.

All you feel as it goes on is a very gentle breeze. No harsh chemical smells or poking of bristly brushes. 


Now calling out for Christmas Locations

Now Calling Out For Christmas Locations...

Whether you are a family farm shop, zoo/wildlife center, activity center, aquarium, or even a busy market, we are interested to hear from you!  

My wagon and I will be traveling around Devon and Cornwall, visiting large shows, events, popular tourist attractions, etc. but there are still some limited spaces left in my diary.

There are many wonderful locations around the Devon And Cornwall and if you think your visitors will benefit from a visit from my wagon, please feel free to get in touch as I would love the possibility to accommodate you.